Infineon 2010 – Day 4

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Well today’s the last work day for this race, only because it’s the last weekend before the race. With only one goal in mind, it shouldn’t be hard right?

Well no it never works out that way, turns out we couldn’t quite bleed the brakes properly, which led us to discovering that we needed a new master cylinder. I forgot to mention in the last post, but we also had to replace the clutch slave cylinder because we popped the piston out and sort of damaged the seal. One new master cylinder from Kragen in Natomas ($40 bucks for a new one, not too bad) and about 4 large bottles of cheap Kragen brake fluid later and the brakes were working again.

Oh yeah the exhaust. That went in without too much difficulty. We made the exhaust system more modular to allow for easier disassembly when we explode another clutch and transmission, which required us to do some really janky welding (basically bridging 1/2″ gaps with lots of MIG weld beads). Worked good enough!

Lastly, some brake light relocation, since the last one obstructed a bit of rear-view vision:

A bit of late night welding is always required.

Lastly, we have been accepted to Thunderhill 2010 Goin’ for broke. Assuming the Z-car survives without picking up major damage, we’ll be there! See you guys at Infineon raceway this Friday.

Infineon 2010 – Day 3

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Double update again! Isn’t it great?! Okay I’m getting more and more lazy.

Again just one picture, sorry. But it’s quite a good picture:

At Thunderhill 2009 (Arse-Freeza-Palooza) someone spun out and went backwards into our drivers door. The door on the right is the result. The door on the left was sold to us for $40 from someone parting out their N/A 1984 300zx.
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Infineon 2010 – Day 2

•February 12, 2010 • 1 Comment

Here it sits, same as last time actually.

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Infineon 2010 – Day 1

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Long overdue update here. There are a number of things which needed to be fixed, but the first important thing was swapping the transmission with the new (well junkyard new) trans.

So up on 4 jack stands it went. We also had to buy some extra tall/extra large jack stands for the front.

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Next race: Infineon 2010

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Looks like we got accepted. Actually we knew about this a while back. Looks like we got our work cut out for us in these next few weekends.