Fate-Mobile 3: Fatemobile in the news

I transcribed this article from this website, a fellow teammate left me this link in one of the comments.

Fate: The driving force

by Rob Scheibe
Engineering students have the opportunity to join a multitude of organizations here at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Rob Scheibe, a senior in Mechanical Engineering, is a founding member of the newest, and certainly the most unique club ever organized on the engineering campus.

Walking around the engineering campus, you may have noticed a numbe rof black tee-shirts with a white skull and crossbones on the front and a bolt white ‘Team Fate’ on the back. You may have been puzzled as to what they meant. Is it the insignia of a softball league, a bowling league, a club, or a motorcycle gang? The answer is, a little of each. Perhaps the latest issue of Getting Around defined it best as, “Team Fate Timing Association: A social organization open to all students interested in high performance automotive engineering.”

Usually referred to as simply ‘Team Fate’, the organization is comprised of over seventy members, including several faculty. The governing of Team Fate is handled collectively, as sall members are automatically elected president upon joining.

It all began in the spring of 1971 when Electrical Engineering Professor Andy Frank earned the unofficial title of ‘Professor Fate’, after a character in a late 1960’s movie, The Great Race. It was then that he and several students (After a quick course in vehicle dynamics) built a race car out of scrap tubing and iron and an array of surplus Corvair parts.

The car was built over a 4-month period during lunch hours and idle Friday nights over a few Point beers (the official beer of Team Fate). Beneath its cardboard body was placed the heart of this incredible machine: a 180-horsepower turbocharged Corvair engine. In truest of Team Fate tradition, it was shod with a set of old racing tires and painted in the distinctive Team Fate color scheme: flat black. Finally, it was christened ‘The Fatemobile’.

The Fatemobile has always been a colorful addition to the slalom races around Madison and Milwaukee. When the local slalom “pros,” dressed in their silver glow-in-the-dark driving jackets, arrive in their gleaming cars they can be seen cautiously keeping their distance from the Fatemobile. They stand back snickering and looking condescendingly down their noses, past their designer sunglasses, at the Fatemobile. Often, though their pride is shattered when the Fatemobile leaves them in the dust fumbling for excuses about how the sun was in their eyes.

Currently, however, the Fatemobile engine is down for repairs. (One of its connecting rods choose to depart from the crankshaft during the last race.) As of late, there has been talk of retiring this masterpiece to the Team Fate Memorial Museum in favor of a new car, Fatemobile II. Team Fate is more than just an organization: it is a tradition, a byword, a way of life. And, although The Fatemobile may be ‘down for the count,’ there’s no doubt that Team Fate will make sure that the Fatemobile continues its great tradition. (That is, if the team’s supply of Point beer holds up!

Team Fate’s pride and joy: ‘The Fatemobile’

(Picture of Fatemobile III coming soon!)

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