About Project-Fate Racing

What is Project-Fate?

Originally starting years ago, a few members of a certain PHEV student development team kicked around the idea of rebuilding a certain Fate-Mobile. Dubbed, Fate-Mobile 3, the idea being kicked around was to put a Subaru 2.5RS crate engine into Fate-Mobile 2’s chassis. A year later, a few members joined in on the idea and the plan went into action. But rather than putting in a new engine, the team decided to continue the legend and restore Fate-Mobile 2 as well as make small, but necessary design changes, thus making it into Fate-Mobile 3. This crazy escapade was given the name: Project-Fate.

Sadly the project had to be abandoned and Fate-Mobile is once again put into storage for many years to come. The old team wishes the next group of crazy students good luck. If any of you want any help or info feel free to contact us, assuming you guys run into this blog 10 years down the road.

But it didn’t stop there. While things happened above and beyond our control to shut us down, we still were a team of friends who all share the same interest: making cars go fast with the least amount of money. A few more members from the original PHEV research team were recruited along the way. We each had our own project cars. But what brought life back into the team was an old peculiar and special red car. The z31 300zx. Weeks before Project-Fate was stopped, the story of a certain race involving a budget of only $500 was brought up. The concept of the race was a total hit with the team members and over eight months later, the fated red 300zx came into our hands. There was one certain obstacle we couldn’t get over. A team name. The competition required us to have one, and what could be better than using the old project name? We were already resurrecting the team, might as well take the name of our old project and make it into something grand. It also saves me (the main blogger) the hassle of making another blog.

See you guys on the blacktop.

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