Fate-Mobile 3: About Fate-Mobile

Here are the specs as we discover them from working with Fate-mobile and talking to Professor Fate.

Wheelbase: 84 in.
Track width – Front: 56 in.
Rear: 58 in.
Curb weight: 800 lbs.
Height: 40in.
Engine: Chevrolet Corvair Engine, Model 164, 2.7 Liter 6-cylinder horizontally opposed, turbocharged, air cooled.
Horsepower: 180 bhp.
Torque: 250 ft/lbs.
Compression Ratio: 7.5:1
Gearbox: GM (unknown model) 4 speed transmission
Drivetrain layout: Rear engine, rear Wheel drive. Because the drivetrain has been flipped around for better balance (engine is now in front of the rear axles) the transmission was flipped upside down to compensate for the engine rotation direction.
Fuel Capacity: 3 Imp. Gallons
Weigh Distribution (Front/Rear): 30/70
Ground Clearance: 4.5 in.

Brakes: Stock Corvair drum brakes, all around, hydraulic, non-assisted.

Suspension – Front: Double wishbone, unparallel A frame; stock corvair coil springs and tube shocks converted to coil over setup.
Rear: 3 point multi-link suspension with double trailing arms and double lower lateral arms; similar coilovers as fronts.

Steering mechanism: Ackerman-type; chain-linked wheel to rack-and-pinion.
Turning radius: 8 ft.
Steering lock-to-lock: 1.95 turns.

Frame: Full tube steel (electrical conduit) space frame chassis. Engine and body panels are non-stressed members.
Body panels: None yet, but they should be: constructed of space age polyester resin impregnated cellulose honeycomb panels (read: cardboard) reinforced with metallic coated self adhesive strips.

Yeah, we’re reliving the old stories!

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