Thunderhill 2010 – Day 1

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. There are a number of things we have to tackle, such as, but not limited to: New roll cage main hoop rear braces, replace brakes, replace expendable items on engine (like plugs, oil, filters), and while we’re at it, reinforce the cage and replace the radiator.

First order of business, gather the team and put the car on really tall jackstands:

Off with the old brakes (would be good to mention that we accidentally ordered 2 sets of 2 rear brakes and no front ones):

Check out the heat discoloration. The front rotors also had visible warpage.

Old and new brake pads:

A spark plug that never seated properly in the head, somehow it became very very rusted and so did it’s hole:

~ by noodleknight on July 21, 2010.

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