Infineon 2010

Added a couple of updates, to make the story more accurate.

Well it has finally come and gone. I’ll make this a photo blog entry. All I have to say is that Infineon raceway is a fantastic track and I hope they will let us back in again next time/season/year.

Well first thing’s first, pack the car on our trailer:

And off to Sears Point raceway.

What’s a race team without conscripted help? Valuable asset to the team. Will try to draft again when next race comes around.

I came in late, but from what I heard, some of our members actually came from the future… or past… or just OUTTA TIME:

DOC BROWN AND MARTY MCFLY! No wait that’s not quite right. Actually they’re our drivers.

This is what Doc Brown would call a paradox.

Team mascot! Everyone loves Ginger!

Of course, someone brings up the funny noises that the transmission produces while in and out of gear. Previously at Thunderhill we managed to explode a clutch (one side of the clutch disk was in pieces and got wedge between the pressure plate, thus we couldn’t actually work the clutch) which also led to exploding 1st gear or something. We replaced the transmission after Thunderhill and we never quite got to test out the car fully. So after running the car around the pit in various gears, we determined that the throwout bearing was bad. We decided to pull out the trans and replace the bearing, which turned out to be way more difficult than it should have been as we could NOT get the transmission to slot back into the engine that night. The next morning we managed to button everything up promptly after the drivers meeting, only to realize that we probably put in the same throwout bearing as before, and right when the line to get onto the road course grew as far as our pit space. Good timing, right? In the end, wrong throwout bearing or not, all seemed fine, the noise just sort of went away. A team member thinks that the clutch fork may have been bent and caused that odd grinding sound.

The 1st day went quite well. Besides a slipping belt, which led to snapping an altenator bolt (all in all about 1.5 hours lost) and realizing that waiting in line with the car to get gas is a BAD idea (another 0.5 hrs lost) the car ran well and the drivers did their thing. Also from the last race our door was smashed up. We picked up another door off of a 84 z31 and we put it back together and nothing really fit well (bad alignment). Also it meant missing paint job on body panel. Luckily one of our teammates had a brilliant idea. Paint the car one color at a time between pit sessions, therefore the paint will be super dried via air and hot exhaust gas fumes while it’s out collecting laps. Here’s the final touches, putting the number back where it should go:

Second day and things are still going fine (which is great, no big curse of the Z-car yet). A brief intermission while they did the People’s Curse:

That was a Ford Tempo.

Best reaction ever. “Huh? What? Dunno.”

Ford Tempo battery cables = very strong.

And the day ended without big incident. 3 black flags, two of which were just bypassed, the other one involved a love tap between two cars and the drivers had to do a three-legged race to find 12 sports drinks (non-diet). We bought them from the racer cafe at a ripoff $4 per bottle. On a side note the Sonoco pumps were $3.08 for 91 supreme. That’s cheaper than the $3.10 for 87 REGULAR at a nearby gas station.

Checkered flag.

Best number ever. This sign was painted by a teammate with his fingers; he intended on using it to help guide the other team members into our pit space.

First real team picture. See you guys next race.

Oh, and here are a few of our “official” lap times; yes that is an unfolded cardboard box, this is Lemons.

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  1. you forgot the Friday night/Saturday morning throw out bearing change, with us pulling the car off the jacks just in time to Que up for the warm up laps.

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