Infineon 2010 – Day 3

Double update again! Isn’t it great?! Okay I’m getting more and more lazy.

Again just one picture, sorry. But it’s quite a good picture:

At Thunderhill 2009 (Arse-Freeza-Palooza) someone spun out and went backwards into our drivers door. The door on the right is the result. The door on the left was sold to us for $40 from someone parting out their N/A 1984 300zx.

Anyways a number of things were done. The transmission is in and bolted up properly, which was the biggest task. The rear brake calipers were replaced with junkyard rebuilds, hopefully they will no longer drag. We also installed steel braided brake lines which came from the same PnP 300zx that had the koni yellows. They’re goodrich brands which, if I recall correctly, are quite good. They’re only steel braided though, there isn’t a sort of teflon or exterior jacket to prevent chafing/damage, but at like $12 each from pick n pull, who cares.

Next up, exhaust.

~ by noodleknight on March 2, 2010.

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