Infineon 2010 – Day 1

Long overdue update here. There are a number of things which needed to be fixed, but the first important thing was swapping the transmission with the new (well junkyard new) trans.

So up on 4 jack stands it went. We also had to buy some extra tall/extra large jack stands for the front.

A little bit of work and now the car has a huge empty void. Taking the transmission out the second time was MUCH easier. Not having stuff in the way like the exhaust, or heat shields, or rusted nuts, made the process a very short one.

Old trans on right, newer one on left.

I say newer but no one really knows if it’s newer or not, it’s just new to us. Two of the team members plucked this newer trans from a z31 at a Pick-n-Pull. Their method of testing if the trans was good was to shift between the gears. Apparently this one shifted the best so… now its ours.


~ by noodleknight on February 12, 2010.

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