Day 0 and Day 1

Well, posts sure do fall behind when you don’t have too much of an incentive to keep posting. Anyways, to start it all off here’s a double post unexciting starting the 2009 season for Project-Fate Lemon’s Racing. First, we had our car appraised by Chief Jay Lamm and he gave us a very generous worth of $200. With that set in stone, we no longer have any need to try and sell off the random bits off our z-car, so in the trash it went. Also for amusement we stepped on the A/C condenser… It was a lot more entertaining in real life than in the pictures.

Squished A/C condenser:

Wagon full of z-car parts going to the dump, also doesn’t include the dashboard we threw away:

Now onto day 1, with our $300 budget, we bought a $50 set of used eibach performance springs of craigslist. The previous owner cut coils off the rear springs:

Next, a few dollars to buy some clearance CV boots ($20 for both). The outer on one axle tore so we decided to just replace both, also new-ish team member:

Cleaning old CV grease off. Luckily there were no shiney flakes of metal and car drove without any odd sounds so the CV joints were fine. Check out the solvent action in this picture:


Also, a few team mates decided to get more work done on our trailer, so they went to a local steel supplier and bought some diamond plate and C-channel to strengthen the chassis and make a trailer bed. Welding action by our team’s master welder:

More updates in a few more weeks, probably.


~ by noodleknight on July 19, 2009.

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