More minor progress

Yesterday we had another mini work day, mostly focused around the trailer. We took off all the aluminum diamond plating to asses the rust damage and what cross members have been removed. We took a trip to a local metal supplier but unfortunately they didn’t have what we needed and the other stuff we could have used wasn’t cheap.

Oh well. We went to the junkyard since we haven’t been to one in a while and it turns out the pick-n-pull foreign vehicle yard merged with their american vehicle yard. Not really good, since it really shrank the selection down. Oh well. We bought a few things but what really helped us was being able to take apart a similar year 300zx valve train. We went home with our new knowledge and decided to just run our 300zx for a few minutes to get the lifters primed.

What originally plagued our car was some horrible valve ticking and bad misfire. It turns out the two were related as the valve tick is caused by the lifters being full of air rather than oil. After running the car for about 20 minutes the lifters were re-primed and the ticking and misfire went away, magic! The car fixed itself again! So at the very least we are good to go to run another Lemon’s race.

We also did a bunch of grinding work to prep the trailer but time ran out. No pictures because I didn’t take any, haha.


~ by noodleknight on May 11, 2009.

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