Back to basics

As you can see, the website leads back to this blog. This is because after seeing the website incomplete for so long I decided to just hide it away while I refine it. This blog has already some higher level of work done and at least it can be passed off as an acceptable website. I do wish to modify the layout of this blog but that can wait for now. As you can see I’ve sort of cleaned up this blog by adding breaks/jumps to each post which contained many pictures. Hopefully this will make it more friendly for those who have a slower connection or a monthly allotted bandwidth limit.

School’s been keeping me busy, and work and other aspects of life have been keeping the other members busy as well, so there hasn’t really been any work done. Tomorrow will *maybe* by a small workday, but all we hope to accomplish is to cure what ails our fairlady-Z: a potential oil clog caused by cupful of irish creme dumped into the crankcase. As always, more later.

EDIT: Right well today we had a small work meeting… really nothing got done. We swapped out the flat tire with our spare Q45 rim/tire but it turns out that with the spacer, the bolts don’t quite stick out far enough… good thing we didn’t have to use these spares during the race… it would have been all bad. We also tried to fixed the oil-clogging problem but no dice. First of all it turns out that one of the cylinders didn’t seem to be firing (which was odd because the engine seemed to run great during the race). Also now it’s really misfiring (can be heard through exhaust) as if one entire bank of cylinders aren’t working…
Oh yeah, the oil clog wasn’t really fixed. We have verified that oil is pumping into the heads and flowing back down fine, but oil pressure does not seem to be building up to factory spec levels, on top of that it’s quite slow. Short of pulling the oil pan it’s hard to say what ails the oil system. It’s making some nasty loud clicking noise, and seeing as these are solid lifters there’s no real way they could have gotten out of adjustment by sitting for months in a garage. I was going to post a video on a z31 forum but I feel that they are going to ask why a cup of irish cream made it’s way into the crank case.
This it looking like it wont be a cheap fix… Oh well back to editing the website!


~ by noodleknight on April 19, 2009.

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