Day 8 – (12/2008)

I decided to not put an exact date because well, there were many spread throughout the month of December. It’s crunch time, and we worked when we could. At this point in time the cage is completed and welded in, the five point racing harness is in, all the brake pads were replaced and the fronts were changed. All the small problems were resolved, and all there is left to do is tweak the idle/throttle butterfly a bit, install the fire extinguisher, and plug up a few holes.

I won’t go through all the different pictures I took, but I’ll show some of the more important ones. After the race I’ll go through all the extra pictures in a follow up post.

We trashed anything related to emissions, as we now don’t care:

Driver’s side:

Looking into the trunk/hatch:

Looking into the passenger side window, you can see the battery box:

Engine bay:

Some of the stuff that was taken care of along the way:

New brake rotors and mild-racing compound pads:

New tires, Kumho Ecsta ACS or something like that:

Our solution to installing the anti-submarine belt:

Harness installation:

TIG welding:

Angle grinding:

Two more days until the race, and this makes the red 1986 z31 300zx our first completed team race car. See you guys at the race track.


~ by noodleknight on December 25, 2008.

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