Day 7 – (11/29/08 – 11/30/08)

Wow sorry for the super late update, but a ton of stuff happened, like finals and all sorts of other whacky stuff. Anyways, the Z-car was towed down to the bay area to another member’s garage, who happens to own a very nice TIG welding setup. The biggest project to be tackled is the rollcage, and along the way we will finish up the smaller necessities, like fixing the idle, relocating the battery, getting the last of the sound deadening out. Sit tight, because this post is going to have a TON of pictures.

First project of the day, fixing the idle problem. The car came with a factory idle air solenoid, which we did not bother to install. So after going to the junkyard and being charge for $30 for a simple solenoid, we decided not to buy it and ghetto rig the throttle butterfly so that it will stay slightly open:

Now our next problem, the huge manifold:

Our fix, angle grinder and a cutting torch:


Finished product:

Cage work, cutting of unnecessary pieces of metal, like that dead pedal that was mangled up:

Cleaned up rear tower:

Ripping out the extra sound deadening:

Working on moving the battery:

Dog + intake manifold:


~ by noodleknight on December 16, 2008.

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