Day 6 – (11/22/08 – 11/23/08)

One of the members brought up the idea to switch the manifolds for better flow. The VG30E used in our Z31 300zx was later adapted into different Nissans, one of them being a Nissan Pathfinder. A trip to a local junkyard got us our pathfinder intake manifold, some miscellaneous bits, and a larger throttle body from a Nissan Sentra. With a bit of porting, hacking, and really ghetto modifications, we got our new intake assembly to fit.

Pathfinder intake manifold:

Out with the old

Porting to match throttle body:

Hacking of intake manifold:

Sealing various vacuum leaks and unused ports:

Plans to make the car street legal are now trashed, time to remove any and all emissions related equipment. This also required us to smash some certain lines shut:

Also at this point I’d like to mention that we had to flip the intake manifold the other way because our distributor was too large. We were supposed to buy the distributor from some nissan van but it was way too expensive for our liking. This caused all sorts of odd problems, like rerouting of wires and vacuum lines:

You can also see our new fancy blue spark plug wires. With the old plate on it looks stock!

Our old air filter didn’t fit. We bought a cone filter and silicone adapter. That didn’t fit. No choice but to make it fit, the firewall needed to be moved inwards:

Mostly assembled:


And off to another location to get it’s roll cage installed:

The mess it left behind:


~ by noodleknight on November 29, 2008.

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