Day 5 – (11/08/08 – 11/09/08)

Our schedule got slightly offset, due to time constraints outside of racecar work.

So for starters, we are off the waitlist and are in the race. Pretty quick! I’m pleased. Rumors have it that there is another 300zx planning to race in lemons. If that’s the case we’ll have to pit next to them so we can help each other out, haha.

This work weekend consisted of suspension repairs. We ordered stock replacement shocks, and luckily they were cheap. We bought this car for $50 from a friend, sounds like a steal for a fairlady-z but really, it is not. Let me explain.

Japanese cars are known very well to run on broken parts. Our car was not an exception. When we got it, it was 2 years behind registration because it could not pass smog. When I test drove it, I could see why, black smoke was chugging out of the exhaust pipe. So we thought “okay, just needs a lot of tuning up, and it’ll be running just fine, cause I mean it drives pretty well right now.”


Some one had the brilliant idea of wiring all the injectors on each cylinder bank to only one injector line. Why? I don’t know. Basically someone turned the car from multiport sequential injection, to multiport batch fire injection. A ton of solder and electrical tape later we fixed the problem, cost us more or less nothing. Of course there’s the problems of it running rich. For all we know, the catalytic converter is most likely dead. The O2 sensor was clogged, and that wasn’t the cheapest part to replace. The TPS wiring was also missing (got the wiring for dirt cheap from a junk yard). Also after figuring out how to read the codes, the cylinder head temp sensor is somehow not working well… and no one sells a replacement. We’ll fix that one later with some wirehacking and a resistor.

So now the suspension. We managed to buy the factory turbo rims (which came with junk tires) from a junkyard, luckily that isn’t in the budget because that was like $120 or so. Somehow after putting the factory wheels on, the suspension became super floaty. Imagine an american luxo-boat, like one of those old, super huge lincoln continentals. Well turns out the struts were blown, literally, at least for the front. When we pulled them out, all the shock oil was in the strut housing. Overall the replacement struts were like $130. Plus the extra new parts we got like the t-belt, water pump, O2 sensor, TPS sensor, junk parts, we’ve spent about $250 or so, plus the cost of the car ~ $300.

$200 left… hopefully nothing else breaks. But I’m sure something will. Anyways I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Sparkplug gummed up:

Oh yeah, forgot to mentioned that one of the spark plug holes is stripped in the head, and that one wire completely broke:

Old strut vs new strut. Yes both are supposed to be gas charged.

Old rear struts, one is completely blown:

The new struts didn’t quite fit due to the “cup” at the bottom… so they had to come off:

Beating the tar out of the old suspension pieces:

One man Jam!


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