Day 4 – (10/18/08 – 10/19/08)

No squeeze inn this weekend 😦
Turns out they’re closed on Sundays, poo.

Anyways, we used this Saturday to do more maintenance work on the car to get it running. First job, timing belt replacement. And like most Japanese cars, it’s really hard to do. It requires the removal of a zillion parts and these belt covers which are impossible to take off without yanking off the crankshaft pulleys, which is not an easy task. Rather than doing it the right way we just ripped the lower cover off… yep we’re going like Porsche and running the timing belts exposed, whatever.

Wrestling the lower cover off:

Piece of junk:

New water pump:

Old water pump with barnacles/crystalline structures growing in it:

All put back together:

So originally we had a brake light problem. First we thought it was due to a missing module. Turns out there is no brake light module. So we looked at bulbs. One was burnt out but the others were okay. Since the most of us were busy with other tasks, the person working on the brake lights needed to press the brake pedal. Solution? Broom stick:

Anyways, after a ton of testing with a multimeter a team member found out the problem.
For some weird reason, there is a hole in the brake pedal right where the brake pedal switch should be contacting the metal. Hmmm odd. Here was his ingenious fix:

Yes, that is a flattened beer bottle cap glued in place with gorilla glue. Our brake lights work!

End of the day:

Extra parts we gathered that we realized we don’t need:


~ by noodleknight on October 24, 2008.

One Response to “Day 4 – (10/18/08 – 10/19/08)”

  1. I use to have a Fluke 87-III which had an outstanding quality. So, just based on this previous model I can be sure that this will be oK.

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