Not good.

It seems that we’ve been put on the waitlist to race, drats. We’ll still continue on with the modifications to the Z and hope that we will get on the list to race.

2 Updates coming soon, we’ve all been busy with other stuff. I uploaded pictures for both day 3 and 4, posts will follow soon (this week, for sure).

Also, a shot in the dark but…
Are you a company/from a company? If so, do you want your product (preferably car related) to be advertised/tested in an endurance race to the death and have it be seen by hundreds, possibly thousands*, of car enthusiasts? If you want to know whether or not your product can last a good beating on daily road use, what better way to expose it to a shorter, but far more intense period of endurance racing… on top of regular driving and autrocross racing! Leave us a comment!

*A wild guess, based on coverage of the LeMons event on car-blogs like jalopnik and autoblog, as well as numerous SCCA Solo events.


~ by noodleknight on October 22, 2008.

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