Day 2 – (09/20/08 – 09/21/08)

A bunch of stuff happened. First of all the engine. Interesting situation.

After sifting through wiring diagrams, we found out that the injectors were all connected to each other. The engine is a V-6, so the 3 injectors on one side were connected to only one injector, and same goes for the other. Why would anyone do this? We have no idea. After a bunch of wire splicing the engine ran fantastic. Still a little smoke but overall we got rid of our problem of too much fuel.

Also here’s a cool trick I learned from watching shops to rally car builds. To remove the sound deadening, take a bunch of dry ice:

Once it freezes up, beat it good with a hammer. A chisel may help:

Finished result, minus vacuuming:

Have leftover dry ice?

Pictures of the car the next day after the majority of the interior/engine bay gutting and some rewiring:

Also tried to use our 5-gas analyzer to figure out where we stand with our smog emissions… didn’t go so well. The team members that actually own this tool left early to pick up a TIG welder and we had no idea how to use this thing. Instruction booklet wasn’t too helpful either.

We gave up and decided to eat lunch instead. Oh, there was also a lot of BBQ that was eaten this weekend.



~ by noodleknight on September 26, 2008.

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