Day 5 – 08/05/07

Summary: Awesomeness.

Details: First, the new fuel pump was installed. That fixed our fuel delivery problem, but that also pointed out that our hoses and fittings were crap and were leaking like mad. Next was the spark delivery issue. The coil wasn’t giving any spark, and swapping them out didn’t change much. We went to autozone and bought a new coil and some other fun stuff. Turns out that the ground wiring was just wrong, so we fixed that and it now sparks. Next was the test firing. We tried starting it on carb cleaner since we didn’t have a 100% working fuel system. First it back fired, pretty cool. Second it back fired and made a big metal slapping/clinging sound, not cool. Luckily it turned out that the intake pipe just blew off, which was an easy fix; the block and internals were unharmed. So the spark timing was definitely off, so we sat down with the repair manual and put back the timing. Turns out that the distributor was previously rebuilt, and the people that did it before, messed up the timing real bad.

Third time’s a charm? It started up like a champ. It ran quite nicely, and that’s where we ended it. All that’s left is to do a bit of cleaning on the inside (with the help of seafoam and more motor oil), and replace all the fuel lines and fittings.

New fuel pump:

Some artsy pictures:

Our trip to AutoZone:

An awesome house we saw on the way back to the warehouse:

Some dirtbiker:

Door of epic proportions:

The end of the day:

I’ll also note that the weather was a fantastic 75*F all day, with a mildly strong breeze. Good day, good weather, good progress, woot!


~ by noodleknight on August 6, 2007.

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