Day 4 – 7/29/07

Breakdown: Today was a day of sadness. We checked a few things, and spark timing looks okay, the valves certainly aren’t mis-timed, otherwise we would have heard it.

But, Fate-Mobile refused to start up. We checked spark by pulling a plug and grounded it; nothing. We tried measuring voltage at the distributor and at the coil, it’s just weirdness and we didn’t really know what to expect. Fuel isn’t pumping either, not sure why, but it looks like a new fuel pump is in order. We tried starting it with carb cleaner, but that was when we discovered that we didn’t have spark. We’ll also need to check the compression across all the cylinders, hopefully they’ll be in tolerance. The oil drain plug is also stripped, well the oil pan is, which stinks. No real progress, just a lot more discovery of damage.

Fate-Mobile before we tried starting it up:

New fuel filter, but the hose isn’t fitting:

Awesome exhaust back on the turbo:

Here’s how we fixed the stripped oil pan leak:

Yep, it didn’t start up:

Fuel pump of sadness:

And we ended the day at that, no real positive progress today:


~ by noodleknight on July 31, 2007.

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