Bad news.

So, my teammate had a chat with a former team-fate member who tried to rebuild fatemobile.

And the problems are worse than it looks:

Valve guides are sad
Water in the oil = rust in the engine?
Engine seals sad
Hydraulic carb off of a Fiat or something; they replaced it with the YH carb they had
Pedals where to be replaced with racing spec aluminum ones from aftershock: probably got stolen during a raid some old team-faters made on the warehouse
Brakes have been rebuilt with new cyclinders, just need new hard lines to the master cyclinder
Engine spins backwards from the normal corvair/the spark time is fubar, they tried starting it and it back fired into the carb and it caught fire, required extiniusher to put it out.
they tried to get engine parts from a place in indiana, some corvair junk yard, but they never did.
front clip was cut to fix steering and insall new pedals
tires are expensive as sin.

the project was abandoned after the carb fire because of cost and time.

What next?


~ by noodleknight on July 28, 2007.

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