Day 3 – (7/22/07)

Summary: Carburetor and turbo was rebuilt. The wiring was sort of repaired, and we were able to turn the engine over with the starter, which was good. Hopefully we’ll be able to start the engine next time.

The door of Fate:

Drivers perspective:

Turbo in pieces:

Turbo rebuilt and mounted:

Another view.

And Another.

Carburetor rebuilt:

Pics and more pics.

Repaired the wiring system (which consisted of about 8 wires, two switches, a solenoid, and one motor). Sparks came out when he tried it out, it was cool to watch. Too bad I didn’t get it on camera:

Rigged wiring setup on the front (to try and get the starter to turn the engine):

Wiring in the back:

Engine turning over with the starter:

(If you look closely, you can see the belt, pulleys, and fan are spinning [blurred]).


~ by noodleknight on July 23, 2007.

One Response to “Day 3 – (7/22/07)”

  1. Fatemobile + gasoline = explosions?

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