Day 2 – (7/15/07)

Not much progress today. We started out late due to a bunch of different reasons, and stopped early because it was getting really hot and we were getting tired. If we had to sum up the day in two words, they would be: damage analysis.

Today was mostly spent in taking apart Fate-Mobile and figuring out what needed to be repaired.

Arrive at warehouse:

Car loaded up with tools:

First problem of the day, the garage door opener had a derailed chain, which took a good amount of work to fix:

Fate-mobile, right where we left it:

(Another view)

Side project – getting that electric scooter to work by connecting it to a 12 volt Optima yellow top.

It didn’t work, too bad.

First order of business with the racecar, break the lug nuts free and get it on cinder blocks:

Put it on cinder blocks and took the wheels off:

I started to take apart the turbo for inspection, and I found this:

Something decided that it would nest inside the turbo, cool:

Parts we scavenged:

End of Day 2:

More pics

Oh, and this tank still has gasoline in it. It’s probably as old as the last time it was run, which probably is over 10 years ago. Which means that this gas was probably purchased for around… $1.20?


~ by noodleknight on July 17, 2007.

One Response to “Day 2 – (7/15/07)”

  1. Yo- that scooter was 6volts d00d.
    I was riding it around before we put it out there, and the correct batteries for it are here in the e-lab.
    O and the switches are damaged, takes some fiddling for contacters.

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